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Foundation Course
  • Basic mobility, traveling to studio required

  • Basic English skills

  • No severe level of mind health / psychosis condition

Time and Duration: 
  • Every Wednesday Night, 7pm - 9 pm​

  • Duration: 6 weeks

  1. QI and its spontaneous two other forms, and their roles in life.

  2. Experience QI / Energy 

  3. Experience Bodily Breathing

  4. Go through structure of ORI LIFE meditation, understand following in details:

    • The structure of ORI LIFE meditation​

    • The benefits of ORI LIFE meditation

    • The different forms of ORIL LIFE meditation

  5. A different approach of tension relief, relaxation, and other meditation preparations

  6. Posture of Connections - connect to your spiritual masters

  7. Standing Yoga:

    • Cleansing Yoga

    • Standing Breathing Yoga

    • Standing QI / Energy Cultivation Yoga

  8. Sitting Meditation 

    • Relaxation 

    • Breathing techniques for sitting meditation

    • Recollection of light from manifestation - the starting point of internal alchemy

  9. Understand QI Healing and Self Healing - validate your practices. 

  10. Group healings

  • $40 per week

  • Or one off payment of $192.00 for all 6 sessions

  • Pensioners by donation

  • Anyone finished the course can re-join for free


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