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Daoist QI Healing Sessions

In Daoist philosophy, QI is seen as "natural energy of the universe" and manifests in everyone and everything. A good QI Gong or Dao practitioner in general has a better accumulation and access to Primal Qi / Energy and can use it for healing and self healing purpose. 

Most people, likewise more than 90% of us, can experience such energy and have some good result from QI Healings, from relaxation from busy mind, improvement of general wellbeing, to some chronic health conditions. However it should not be in any way of replacing current medication and medical treatments. 

Importantly, ORI LIFE always see QI Healing as a guided meditation, a safe and collaborative effort from healer and the person taking the healing, and an introductory practice into a more intuitive and autonomous process of self healing, without judgement and bias.

Should you need any additional information, please feel free to contact us, or, book a session with us.

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